MaxBlogPress Subscriber’s Magnet Review – SOLD OUT!

The strongest advantage of MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet is that you can hit the users from multiple angle for convincing them to join your list without you being obnoxious. Most users won't even realize that you are even hitting them with multiple angles. They will naturally browse your blog while subscribers magnet will do it work for convincing them to join your list.  After you install MBP Subscribers Magnet, it will automatically fill the name/email of any user coming to your blog. By default it will work for most of the popular autoresponders without any problem. 

Subscriber's Magnet Review

Optin Form

This will make it a lot easier for visitors to signup for your newsletter. They don't even have to type in their name/email. It will be automatically filled in and they just have to click on "subscribe me". Also, your optin form will be much more noticable since it will have their name/email there. People can't help but notice wherever their name is printed. 


Footer Ad

When someone visits your blog then you should ask for the name/email immediately and it must be prominent. That's what footer ad will do without irritating the newsletter. It will be highly visible but won't break the flow of the user. 


Post Optin  

What's the thing that get the most attention by the user? You are right, it's the blog post. Usually a user read a blog post from top to bottom. So, the bottom of the post is a very valuable place to place an optin form. 


A question: What do you do right after you make a comment in any blog?

I'm sure your answer is: "look for my comment to see if it posted correctly in the blog". That's what most people do. Subscribers Magnet is clever enough to use that highly attention grabbing spot to convince commentator to join your newsletter. Right after someone comments, it will show the optin form just above the user's comment. It is unexpected and unique so the commentator will can't help but notice the optin form and may subscribe to it. The optin form will be automatically filled with the users's name/email so all they have to do is click on the subscribe button.



This plugin is installed on my blog, so please let me know how you guys like it! I would of course have added an affiliate link with a buy it now link so I can make some fast cash, but to be honest, this plugin was so popular that the original creator felt that he should close the doors to limit its use!


Well I bought an extra copy just for this occasion! So if any of you want my LAST SUBSCRIBERS MAGNET plugin, than contact me right now or leave me a comment below and I'll send you the buy it now link! Just thought I'd make this a one time last offer sort of deal for a reader of mine! 😉


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