My Secret To Penny Stock Trading

While there are numerous factors involved with choosing the right micro cap stock to invest in, the ones that make the biggest gains in the market (200% +) absolutely must have 1 essential factor working on its behalf.   That factor is: VOLUME.   Volume is the number of shares of any given stock that are traded during any trading day. This includes buying and selling. Volume is how you determine the amount of investor interest in a particular stock. It also helps you identify the amount of general “awareness” of the stock, which is crucial if you want to see the share price increase significantly.

Here’s how it works:

High volume + Rising Share Price = Buying Pressure.

This “buying pressure” is the increased awareness of the stock that continually brings more investment dollars into the stock, thus increasing demand and causing your investment to skyrocket! The question then becomes; how can I find out about these stocks before the ‘big gains’ take place?  How do I become the type of investor that can discover these stocks before they increase dramatically?

My system analyzes multiple factors for determining when a stock is about to break out of its “normal cycle.” Earlier I shared with you probably the most important factor (volume) that can cause a micro cap stock to skyrocket in value, however if this is the only factor you pay attention to,

YOU ARE MISSING OUT ON MAJOR PROFITS! My system is able to identify winning stocks long before the investor interest (volume) arrives…which means the system can identify the correct time to buy, assuring that you get in at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE and see the LARGEST PERCENTAGE OF INCREASE!

You will know about these stocks before the wave of investors discovers their true value! Imagine if you were one of the first investors to discover Walmart, Google or Yahoo! My system uncovers the most undervalued companies and discovers the ‘buy point’ so that you know exactly when to buy…putting you ahead of the wave of investors that are about to come pouring in! Let me make one thing clear. My system is for my members only. It took me nearly 2 years to develop and I’m sorry, but I just can’t give away my secrets for free. However, for downloading this free report I promised you that I would release 2 of my exclusive picks to you over the next month to show you how my system can work for you.

BUT THERE IS A CATCH! As a non-paid member, you will not receive my next pick until 3 DAYS AFTER my paid members receive it. This is the only way to keep it fair, as my members paid a 1 time fee of $97 for a lifetime membership, in order to get the “inside track” so that they can get in early before the stock rises in value. Unfortunately if you are not a paid member, this means you will miss out on some early gains, but at the same time it will be an excellent learning experience for you as you will be able to track the progress of the stock and see how the Penny Stock Prophet System can work for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide, and keep an eye out for your 2 FREE stock picks that will be sent directly to your email. As I said before, you will be receiving each pick 3 days after my paid members, so you may miss out on some early profits by waiting.

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