Offline Marketing Complete Blueprint To Success

Make money online with offline marketing was never easier. In today’s high demanding and competitive online marketplace, where is someone to go to make some money? Well what if I told you, its possible to make money online, but offline!? Yes, its completely possible and very easily achieved! Just read on to get an idea of what I cooked up for my fellow readers.

Step 1: Create your business name. You do not want to be associated under and individual name, so it is crucial that you create your business LLC name.

Step 2: Gather a list of businesses that you can market the Past Customer Renewal strategy too. Make sure that these companies are offering a specific service or sell a specific type of product that a return customer could use. In other words, only pick a company that can resell the same service again and again, or a specific line of products that a customer would need to come back and repurchase, such as a house cleaning service or a contemporary furniture store. Don’t forget, you can outsource this research for around $50 on

Step 3: Decide whether or not you’re going to outsource your phone calls. If you’re doing them yourself, move on to step 3. If you’re going to outsource the calls, log onto and find a person or company who is willing to do your calls on a commission basis. Once you find someone, you’ll need to explain the complete process to them. Be sure to send them the appointment setting script as well as the sales presentation script. I’d also recommend creating a small contract, have them sign and fax back (you can make a customized one from the contract template included with the course).

Step 4: Start putting together your approach letters, one for each prospect. For starters, send out 5 for the first week. Send out your approach letters via Overnight FedEx on the upcoming Monday (or FedEx equivalent if you don’t have them in your country). Next, drop the letters off at your nearest FedEx shipping center. I recommend signing up with a FedEx account at because this will give you a discount on all of your shipments AND you can track each package online. You’ll also be able to see who signed for your letters. If you’ve outsourced your phone calls, notify your helper that you’ve sent out the letters, and let them know the details of who they need to contact (name, phone number, etc). They’ll need to contact your prospects on Thursday… the same week you sent your letters.

Step 5: On the Thursday of the same week, either you or your hired help should contact your prospects. The ONLY purpose of this phone call is to schedule a future sales presentation. As tempting as it may be, you should NOT discuss any part of the marketing strategy at this point. You want your prospect and yourself to be prepared for the sales presentation so that you can close the deal. If no one answers, leave a message and follow up on Friday. Otherwise, prepare for the presentation!

Step 6: Once you have a date set for your sales presentation, you or your hired help should call them up at the agreed time and proceed with the presentation. Be sure to start the call off with some friendly chat, introduce yourself, build rapport, and then get into the details of the marketing campaign that you have for them! The call will last roughly 20 minutes. Once you have a verbal agreement, you can hang up and prepare a summary sheet. (Be sure to get a email address before you hang up so that you can email the summary sheet).

Step 7: The summary sheet will need to be sent within 24 hours and will be sent via email.
This summary sheet simply explains all of your responsibilities and the minimal responsibilities of your client. You can find this summary sheet in your documents folder (included with your download of Offline Marketing Pro).

Step 8: The next day, prepare your contract. The contract is very similar to the summary sheet that you sent via email, except that it includes signature blocks at the bottom. You’ll need to fill out this contract, sign it, include a self addressed stamped envelope, and put it in a FedEx envelope (just as you did with your approach letter). Overnight the contract to your client. Once they receive it, they will sign it, and return it, along with YOUR FIRST CORPORATE CHECK!

Step 9: Take your Significant Other out to dinner, or whatever it is that you do to celebrate.

Step 10: The next day, contact your new client via the phone and inform them that you have received the contract and the retainer fee and that you’re ready to get started on the campaign. From here, things are different with every client. However the basic idea is to start coming up with a special offer that you can extend to their past customers using the campaign letter. Be sure to put together a special report as well related to the industry that your client is in. You can outsource the creation of this report as well. Have your client put together a website where the customers can go to and download the special report. Then establish the special offer (a web page with a link to a discount on a particular service or product). Find a fulfillment center to mail out the letters. Extend the campaign over a few months so that your client is not flooded with orders all at once. Wait for the campaign to end and then offer a new marketing campaign to them! (You’ll receive additional campaign ideas in the coming months via email).

Thats it! So if your interested in more information about offline marketing, and want my complete course on it, visit Offline Marketing Pro here!

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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