Press Release Optimization for Google News

In order for you to get the best results from your Press Release, please do some Search Engine Optimization to your press release article before you actually submit it to Google News. These things are crucial, so take notes if you want some major traffic flow!


1) One Keyword, One Press Release!

This is an important concept. You must identify the keyword you want that people can search and find you on the Internet. With that keyword in mind, your PR should be focused and targeted to the keyword. If you are targeting a broad range of few keywords, you can always rewrite your PR article and make each of them focused on one keyword, this way, you can minimize the cost of producing PR article.

2) Keyword must appear in TITLE

Needless to say, you must always follow this rule. Your keyword must appear in the TITLE of the press release. If your keyword is not inside the title, people have no way to search for your press release and it will be left behind. If your keyword is in the title page, you stand a good chance of having your press release ranked in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other major search engines.

3) Keyword in the First and Last Paragraph

Many search engines give huge weight to keywords appearing in the first paragraph, which is usually the extract, summary or introduction you call it and the last paragraph, which is the summary of whole article content. Keep your keyword in the first and the last paragraph to tell search engines to weight your keyword nicely.

4) Keep a Keyword Density of 3% to 5%

If your keyword is "google news", within your PR article, the term "google news" should appear for 3% to 5% of the content. This is the best density search engines like. It also tells the search engine that your PR article is talking about Google News and not Acai Berry Weight Loss, make sense? You can use this free software to check for keyword density Why 3% to 5%? Most of the Press Release sites have many widgets and other contents surrounding your article, which will eventually dilute the keyword density. You will end up with keyword density of around 2% to 3%. 5) Always have a call to action to get readers to click on that link and get to your website. Afterall, that is your purpose of doing PR right? To get link juice, as well as targeted visitors!


Hope that has helped you gain a better understanding of Google News and the concept behind it. To find out more about Google and how to help you rank higher, check out the Google eBook Top 10 Optimization Tricks.



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