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Rank Builder is the latest rank-building solution from the well-established Internet marketer, Alex Goad. If you want to finally get enough free traffic to your site so that you can make money and save time, I think that what Rank Builder has to offer will be of interest to you. Rank Builder might be the final answer for those who want to get the last missing ingredient that’s required for online success: targeted traffic. And…not just any targeted traffic, but free traffic consisting of targeted visitors that are looking for what you have to offer. Depending on your level of experience, you might have realized one thing: getting sufficient free traffic to your site can be a time-consuming, laborious process. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way any more, because in this Rank Builder review, we’re going to describe how Rank Builder works to save you a tremendous amount of time, giving you a shortcut to the success you want. So, you might be wondering, “What is Rank Builder?”

Before I answer that question, I want to give you some background information so that you understand the significance of what Rank Builder has to offer to you. By taking time to understand the underlying information we’ll reveal here, you’ll really be able to see how Rank Builder can give your business a distinct advantage. We begin this introduction by mentioning something that you’ll need for any online business to succeed: targeted traffic—and, preferably, free traffic. And, when is the best time to get this free, targeted traffic? …Right when the visitor goes to Google or any major search engine, and types in a query that corresponds to what your site has to offer. When they do this, they’ll visit one of the sites that appears on the first search results page. There may be potentially thousands of sites that correspond to what the user typed in, but it’s the 10 sites that appear on the first page that get virtually all of the traffic. (And even further than that, it’s the sites that are ranked higher on the first page that attract more traffic than those further below on the same page.)

This means that those sites that appear on the first search results page attract that visitor. For free. Free prospects, free leads, and free sales. Over and over again, the sites that appear on the first page for a 2 given search term continue to get free, targeted traffic. Which leads us to our next question: How do we make sure that your site shows up (ranks) on the first search results page? The answer to that question is what search engine optimization is all about: doing everything we can to make sure your site has the best possible chance of appearing on the first results page (“first page of Google”) for the query (keyword phrase) that your ideal prospect will type into the search engine. Now, search engine optimization is a field with enough knowledge and information to fill up entire textbooks (and yes, entire books have been written on this subject alone). However, the great thing is that you don’t have to read a lot of books (or even a single book) to reap the benefits of having a site that ranks well in Google. You see, although no one outside of Google knows exactly how Google determines why a site shows up on the first search engine results page (as opposed to…say…page 5 where very few visitors will ever find it), we do know a number of factors that definitely indicate why sites rank on the first page. From knowing these factors, and putting them to use for your site, you too can rank high on the first page, get free traffic, make sales, and make money.

It’s that simple. You know what one of these factors is? Links. Generally speaking, if a site gets a lot of links from other sites, it tends to rank well. A basic formula that you can keep in mind is: Links = Traffic = Money. Now, there are a couple of obstacles that come with this realization:

1. The idea that your site will need links to rank well is not really new. It’s been known for years, which means that if you have competitors who also want to make sure their sites rank well, then they likely know this, too. In fact, they may already have more links to their sites than you do. (If this is the case, not all is lost, because depending on the market you’re in, and the search engine competition of that market, Rank Builder will be able to help you a lot.)

2. Getting an adequate number of links to your site is usually a very, very time-consuming and costly process. Depending on your experience level, you know this to be painfully true.

In fact, thousands of website owners have given up on their sites that they had so much hope in, because getting an adequate number of links to their site was proving to be too time-consuming. (One reason why getting links to your site is so time-consuming is that most people are misled into thinking that it all has to be done manually.


Trying to get hundreds of links to your site manually is almost futile, because you’ll probably exhaust yourself before your site attains enough links to rank well. As you’ll soon find out, Rank Builder serves to build links automatically!


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