Should I Have More Than One Twitter Account?


Many people wonder if it is okay to have more than one Twitter account to make money online with. Yes you can, as of this writing anyway. But why would you want more than one Twitter account? Does it mean you really like to hear yourself tweet, or are there practical reasons and can you make more money with more twitter accounts?


Having talked to a few people who have more than one account, here are the reasons I've established: Different businesses Jen has several business interests that don't have anything to do with each other. She is an internet marketer with a wedding niche website, and she is also a ghostwriter. She finds, and rightly so, that people interested in wedding news are not interested in hiring her to write internet marketing ebooks. And people who want to see what she knows about writing good conclusions, could care less about weddings. So she has 2 different Twitter accounts that allow her to brand herself in 2 different ways. Business tweets vs. personal tweets Craig is one of the official tweeters for his company.


 It is part of his job to monitor his company Twitter account for questions about his company's products and to help people. You can bet his company doesn't want to see tweets about what he did Friday night (although customers might find it amusing.) Therefore, Craig has separate Twitter profiles so he can be totally personal if he wants in one account, and keep a professional company image in the other. Intimate group of friends Another reason to have more than one Twitter account is to use it only for your intimate group of friends and/or family. Amanda found that the more followers who followed her, the more she was losing the tweets from her personal friends. These are important to her as she's now pregnant and wants to use Twitter to update friends, ask questions, and share stories.


Coaching class Perhaps you're teaching a coaching class and you want to be able to feed additional info to your class and give them a chance to talk to and follow each other without all the other Twitter "noise". That's what Alex did. An account for the news Jody likes to be in the know quickly and has an account just for news. He only follows Twitter news channels that interest him and when he goes to that Twitter account several times a day, he can tell at quick glance which news stories he would like to read. Different language Some Twitterers, like Sophia, didn't like tweeting each message twice, once in English and once in their native tongue, on the same account.


Not everyone liked seeing the foreign language taking up real estate on their Twitter timeline, so Sophie now has 2 accounts, one in each language.


As you can see, there are different reasons why people have more than one Twitter account. If you think this is a good idea for you, remember that it takes more time to tweet for two (or more) each day. You need to decide if it's worth it and end the end, if you can make money online with it.

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