Creating A Niche Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a growing website that is getting more powerful by the day and is excellent to leverage to drive traffic to your blog. Squidoo is really easy to use but before you set up an account, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the terms that are exclusive to Squidoo: Lens – having a ‘lens’ is rather similar to owning a blog. It’s like your virtual real estate on Squidoo. And get this: you can either build just one lens or maintain 100 of them! It’s all totally free too. But more on lens later……


Affiliate Outsourcing Steps and Warnings

Begin with a Shared Vision A shared vision is the first step to managing an outsourcing relationship. In the early days, cost or headcount reductions were the most common reasons to outsource. In today’s world, as explained earlier, the drivers are often more strategic, and focus on carrying out core value-adding activities in-house. These strategic objectives mean that outsourcing initiatives must come from the top. Senior executives must express the purpose and aspirations of the outsourcing initiative and convey how the course will benefit the organization. The goals of the outsourcing initiative have significant consequences for the selection of the outsourcing vendor and the prospective management of the partnership.


eBay Stealth Download Review

It is hard on a guy doing business online if he got banned on eBay. Doing business on that site is important and so if you have dealings on this site then you probably will go crazy if your account got banned. Because eBay have this all sorts of safety precautions they do so you can’t just easily take back your account, like having all the important info’s of you stored in their databases, it’s not easy to get back to their system. But if we tell you that there is a way around this? And that ways is called the eBay stealth eBook.


Intensive Give Aways Marketing Method

First, let me explain what an ‘Intensive Give-Away’ is so that you can better grasp the impact of it to your online earning potential. An Intensive Give-Away is an online activity in which hundreds of people get together to build their mailing lists through offering free items whether that be products or services. Most times, these are digital products or services to make things go more smoothly for all participants such as ebooks, softwares, scripts, web hosting accounts, ecourses, and similar. The most exciting thing about Intensive Give-Aways is that unless you are personally running the whole show, it won’t cost you one thin dime to participate.

Online News

Google Lies About Your Competition Sometimes!

I got 26,700 results returned. Huh? 20,500 pages in a search and 6,000 MORE pages optimized in the title? e.g. More pages returned with titles optimized but the keyword phrase not in the text on the page. It got me thinking that something was up. By the way the 26,700 (and other numbers) Google returns may vary for you. Ok, lets take it a bit further… I kept clicking Next to get the next page of the results and lo and behold look what happened when I got to page 15…