How I Made Almost One Million Dollars

I got into thinking about ‘making money online’ about 7 years ago. Thats when I had zero assets online and I was starting from scratch. Of course, I had no idea at that time that I would make close to a cool million. Anyhow, after browsing and looking around, I decided to give Forex Trading a go. It seemed to be a good way to make money. Just sit at home, watch charts on your computer and download the money. You don’t even have to step out of the house. Needless to say, it appealed to me.

I bet you’re thinking I made my money from trading. You’d be wrong. After playing the markets for a while, I realized that there were many traders asking question on trading forums. Most of the new traders were looking for systems. So I sat down and devised a few systems and put it into a book form. I went back to the forum and asked if anyone would like to buy it. I got tons response. I sold each copy for just $10.

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How To Make Money On Line

Social networking sites are gaining immense popularity in the recent times. And one of the most popular sites in the face of the web world is Twitter where the users are getting boundless opportunity. The members can “tweet” to their friends, family and associates. It’s a great platform to promote and increase the user’s network. Practically more than half of the world is addicted to this social networking site and it’s an appropriate place for making money. If you are in a sea of debt use this simple ways to earn money & get out of it.

Are you aware that you can even make money with twitter? It’s not story of a pauper turning into price overnight but you can really earn a good amount of cash from twitter.

Make Money Online

Taking Baby Steps In The Make Money Online World?

Welcome! You took the first, and most important step into making money online, and additionally changing your life! You took action. Action is one of the most important factors in today’s business world. It doesn’t take a degree, it doesn’t take money, it DOES require a little bit of special knowledge (a lot of which you will discover in the following pages and video’s), but action is the most important thing you can do.

Everyday, you should ask yourself: “What have I done today to make myself, my life, or my financial future better?” The answer to this question is some form of action. There’s a cost to making no decision. There’s a cost for not moving in any direction. Usually people think that no decision is better then making the wrong “choice” but that’s not accurate. I make mistakes everyday. I make bad decisions.

But even with bad decisions, I’m still moving towards my goal. Each day I take steps to move forward. Each day I decide to take action. That’s why I know you have what it takes to succeed. Each day hundreds of people take a look out our website. They make a decision to take action, or they make a decision to make “no decision”.

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Make Money Online With Autoresponders

It’s true that you are on a very tight budget and it’s also true that there are free autoresponders out there on the Internet to be had. You might opt for one of the free ones. In that case you will have an autoresponder that isn’t going to serve your needs and that will make you look cheap but you’ll save enough money for a couple of hamburgers. It hardly seems worth it. Taking short cuts and/or doing important things on the cheap are not viable options in a good business plan. You want to get an autoresponder that will serve your needs today, as well as, into the future after you have grown into a large and profitable business. I would recommend you go with aweber to help you make money online effectively…


How To Find Product To Promote

Now I am going to show you how to find goldmine products, how to promote them and when to promote them in order to make money online. From all of the strategies that I have either invented or inherited from other marketers, they all can be described as what I call: “A combination of environments, timing and promotional vehicles.” I strongly recommend studying Google adwords using the “built in” online tutorials you can access within your Google adwords account. We first need to make sure that people don’t click on your ads, cost you money, then they do not buy your product. (Your PPC investment is wasted on 30-second viewers.)

First, your product.

Find a product that is going to ROCK. *Sell high-converting items (Demand is high, Sales page is great.) *Sell high priced items (If it converts well and the demand is there.) *Sell items that are extremely cheap to…

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Review My Blog For A Link Back!

Alright guys, if your reading this then consider yourself lucky! I will be linking back to your blog and doing a short review of it in my upcoming blog post. What you need to do is review my blog and link back to me using the keywords “make money online” as the anchor text. It will need to look like this: make money online and the review should have at least 150 words or so to be eligible.

Why Should I Do That?

My blog is ranked top 25K in Technorati, not to mention top 100K in Alexa traffic and growing per week! If you want more traffic to your blog and increase your PR, page rank, then this is a must for you! It doesn’t take long, and will increase your traffic dramatically. You will also be giving your blog more exposure to Google and other search engines, so don’t ignore this post.

After you have posted a review of my blog and put in the link back, send me an email with a link of your review and your desired anchor text that you would like me to use. Still want more? I am in the process of creating an eBook and one luck reviewer will be given it for free! The drawings will be filmed live and posted shortly after.

Good luck and looking forward to some quality reviews and link backs! 🙂

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Search Engine Optimization Help

Let’s face it. We all know how important Search Engine Optimization is. But what is it and how can you make money online with it? Search Engine Optimization is simply setting up your website in such a way that search engine ‘spiders’ can view and read your site clearly. They can ‘crawl’ through your site and easily determine what your site is about. SEO is also strategy. It’s building pages on ‘niche’ topics. It’s growing your site organically over time for steady solid growth… And it’s building new link partners over time. All of these things contribute to a positive ranking in the most popular search engines.

There are no tricks, no ‘fast tracks’ to success with SEO. Cover your basics and you’ll be bound for success. Covering the Fundamentals of SEO When building ANY new site, there are a few critical things you’ll want to consider while the site is being built. I’ve put them in a handy checklist for you to use as reference. Some points are more important than others, but they all should be addressed.

1. Do I have unique page titles for each page of my site?
2. Do I have meta keywords and descriptions tags on every page? Are they unique to every page on the site?
3. Am I bolding and putting heading tags around the most important titles and information on the page?
4. Is the content I am offering valuable? Will other webmasters want to link to my info?
5. Am I growing my site organically? Will I be able to add new pages each day or week?
6. Do I try and put a focus for each page on ultra-niche terms? For example: ‘Red and Purple Futon Covers’. VERY niche. On the other hand: ‘Futon Covers’ is not so niche…

Affiliate Networks

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply a method of promoting other web businesses in which you receive money for every visitor, subscriber, customer or sale you provide to them. In other words, you drive traffic to another web business… The traffic generates sales… And you get a percentage of the sales. Easy! This is the Perfect Work-From-Home Business!

The great news for you is that there are MANY affiliate marketplaces out there you can take advantage of. Take a moment now to look through a few of the affiliate marketplaces I strongly recommend. Get familiar with them and how they work. They will be your ticket to big profits in the very near future! Here they are:


One of the original affiliate marketplaces, founded in 1998.


Another of the original affiliate marketplaces, ClickBank focuses on digitally delivered products. (e-books, etc.)


Boasts the largest network of affiliate programs on the net… With over 10 million partnerships!

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Making Money Online As A College Student

Your parents and high school teachers have convinced you to get your college degree. It will make you more marketable to employers once you graduate, or so they said. You’ve heard it one too many times, “No one can survive or compete in this economy without a bachelor’s degree.” Well, what about those long 4 years of being completely broke? Did your mentors mention how terrible that would be? Does it seem like the only employment options you have during your college career are waitressing/bartending at a restaurant? Or maybe working at the nearest fast food hub?

Compromising your weekends and dealing with tons of drunken college students at 3 am may not sound like your cup of tea. There are other options you can pursue to increase your cash flow as a student. These options will likely be more enjoyable, and all idealistic notions aside, will probably make you more marketable to employers in the future!

Make Money Online

Are You Making Money Online?

There are plenty of routes you can take to making money on the Internet. The opportunities are plenty, and your options are literally unending. You are going to find out that this guide is not the end all, be all, to Internet marketing. It’s not developed to be the “ultimate” guide to online business. I am are here to show you how to START making money… FAST.

I have decided that this is the quickest, easiest, cost free, and best way to introduce anyone to making money on the Internet. You may have heard of it before, but we show you how to do it the correct way.

Affiliate Marketing

This eliminates so many snags and problems that most people have when starting up their own business (or additional revenue streams). When it all gets boiled down, to make money on the Internet you need two things.

A crowd of people with money.
Something for them to buy. (a product, service, event, entertainment..etc) Now there are tons of things that can stall people from doing this.


Understanding How Affiliates Think

Of course when you partner up with affiliates you need to share in the profits – typically most info products and software products pay their affiliates 50% – or in some cases up to 75% of the sales price. A foolish business person might say – “I did all of the work creating the product, so I am only going to pay my affiliates 10%.” That businessman has then almost completely eliminated any chance of affiliate involvement. Would you rather sell 1000 units at $100 each and pay out $50,000 in commissions or sell 100 units and $100 each and pay out $1000? Since your cost per unit for a digital product once it has been made is nearly zero – most business people who rather have the $50,000 in net as opposed to $9000 in net. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part 99% of the time – online affiliates will look to promote products that pay at least 50% commissions. This is especially true when using ClickBank or PayDotCom – the top two ready made info product affiliate systems