Creating A Niche Squidoo Lens

Squidoo is a growing website that is getting more powerful by the day and is excellent to leverage to drive traffic to your blog. Squidoo is really easy to use but before you set up an account, it’s important to familiarize yourself with some of the terms that are exclusive to Squidoo: Lens – having a ‘lens’ is rather similar to owning a blog. It’s like your virtual real estate on Squidoo. And get this: you can either build just one lens or maintain 100 of them! It’s all totally free too. But more on lens later……

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Google Lies About Your Competition Sometimes!

I got 26,700 results returned. Huh? 20,500 pages in a search and 6,000 MORE pages optimized in the title? e.g. More pages returned with titles optimized but the keyword phrase not in the text on the page. It got me thinking that something was up. By the way the 26,700 (and other numbers) Google returns may vary for you. Ok, lets take it a bit further… I kept clicking Next to get the next page of the results and lo and behold look what happened when I got to page 15…


50 List Of CPA Networks To Consider Joining

Here is the list of 50 CPA networks that I have found over my years in affiliate marketing and I thought I’d give my readers a treat and see if any of you could benefit from them! I’m sure there are some that you have never heard of in there, so definitely check it out. Remember, each one of these networks probably have exclusive offers.

Exclusive means that they are the only network that run that offer, so the potential of you making money with them is higher since not a lot of people know about them! Anyways here is the list, and thanks for being a valued reader of my blog!


Best Freelance Websites For Marketers

These are the places I rely on heavily the most, and the place where you should start building your team of contacts with. It is good to explore more than one website, as each one usually attract different sorts of freelancers. So by hanging around at different ones, you can enjoy more diversity in the talent pool for your company. Out of the freelance sites, and are the most professional and have the most diversity for online . The freelancers there are more dedicated and have a better working experience. If you are just starting off, then by all means start off from there…


How To Check Your Website In Every Browser

This is extremely acute for the conversion aspect of your seo campaign. If you spend all of your efforts to get someone to come to your website, but yet individuals can’t take action on your website due to the badly coded conventions it uses, then all of your efforts are wasted.

When you are getting your website designed, you should make sure that your website shows up well in…