Targeting Your Aweber Emails

After you have set up a list, you need to begin narrowing it down to targeted visitors.  It is best if you can get these targeted subscribers right off the bat, that way you don’t have a list of 20,000 and only about 1,500 who are really interested.  In order to do this you need to drive those targeted people to your sales page and talk them into signing up.  There are several ways that you can attract your target market, including:

Advertisement Swapping

This involves finding other ezines that are in your niche and then offer to swap advertising space with them.  This is a win-win situation and its great if you already have some subscribers.

Barter with Other Ezines

If you are just starting out and you don’t have any subscribers yet, then you can always barter for advertising space.  Offer the other ezine owner a free product in exchange for advertisement space.  You can also make them an affiliate and give them a commission on sales of your product in exchange for advertising space.

Give Away Ventures

Here you will sign up for a Joint Venture account with a Give Away website.  After registering, you upload a free gift, such as a free report or eBook, to the website and provide a description as well as how subscribers can receive the free gift.  These instructions will lead potential subscribers to your sales page and then they have to sign up to get the free report.

With a Give Away venture a bunch of Internet marketers have free gifts available on the website.  Each marketer also endorses the Give Away campaign to their subscribers.  These are usually free to join and can easily send you thousands of leads.


Blogs are great because the search engines absolutely love them!  They index blogs constantly and this provides you with a great chance at getting a great spot on the search engines for a variety of keywords.  They are also free through or  They allow you to set up a small website and keep it updated continuously.  They are also great because you can strategically place your form throughout the blog, whether it is just on a page somewhere or every other post.  Search engines send traffic to blogs all the time and the chances of getting leads are great, especially if your blog provides useful information that shows you are a credible business.

Buying Advertisement Space on Other Ezines

In addition to bartering or swapping advertising space, you can also just purchase it.  You can write an advertisement that will grab the attention of the other ezine readers and send them to your page.  When you are looking at investing in advertising space you need to realize that not all ezines are regularly read.  There are also a few questions that you will want to ask yourself, such as:

      • What is the ezine about?
      • What type of people are subscribing to it?
      • How responsive is the list it goes out to?
      • How many subscribers are there?

Buying advertising space on an ezine is just like buying it in a newspaper or magazine.  You want to be sure that the circulation is good and going to be responsive to your advertisements before you spend a lot of money.

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