The Basics Of Twitter Online Marketing

Twitter is a privately funded startup with offices in the SOMA neighborhood of San Francisco, CA. Twitter started as a side project in March of 2006, Twitter has grown into a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices. In countries all around the world, people follow the sources most relevant to them and access information via Twitter as it happens—from breaking world news to updates from friends.


Firstly, if you havenʼt got a Twitter account, signup for free at

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Following me and specific things like the number of posts I’m making, the nature of the content, the ratio of affiliate links (trying to sell something), as opposed to giving great content (videos, articles) and sometimes directing people to other peoples websites, will help you dramatically when figuring out what is best for your market.

Do you “get” Twitter?

Well you donʼt really need to “get” it, just start using it. Like many other web 2.0 sites, itʼs a meeting place, somewhere for people to interact, and generally as an internet marketer you want to be where people are 🙂 Twitter enables you to follow (connect with) people, and for other people to connect (follow) you. Hooking up with people is really easy. Just find their Twitter profile and click Follow and then you get to see messages they send out (public) as well as private messages they send to you (not seem by anyone else). If they follow you, then they get to do the same thing. Twitter uses the term follow to include a connection between two people.

How to do you find people to follow?

Well there are the obvious things you can do, include your Twitter username on all correspondence you make with people and ask them to follow you. This is a good way to start building a list of followers. Additionally you can find key players in your niche, and see if they have a Twitter username, and follow their followers! The reason why you would want to consider this strategy is that, in theory if you find someone else who in your niche and has build up a list of followers over time, then itʼs likely that these people are obviously interested in that niche, and further may well be people you can work with and or hopefully market to in the future.

But whatʼs the point of following other people?

How does that get me more followers? Good question, I’m glad you are paying attention! Well the reason is two fold, firstly many people when they see a new follower, will go check out your profile, and perhaps your last few tweets (tweets are public messages sent out). If they like what they see (i.e. they believe you are not a spammer and it would be valuable to follow) they will follow you right back. Secondly, many people are using software to automatically follow back people who follow them. So this strategy along will get you hundreds if not thousands of followers over time. And we will discuss some automated software you can install in firefox that largely automates this task of following people in bulk. Literally all you will do is open a followers list of followers and press a button and you will automatically start following that persons followers!

Some Ground Rules But Beware!

Before we go further, letʼs establish some ground rules that you must follow unless you a) want to get labeled a spam and b) have your account suspended and c) Well the first two points are enough we hope for you to sit up and take note!

Firstly donʼt just assume your going to load up a heap of affiliate links to a variety of products and then just send them through to people. Guess what is going to happen? The people who you managed to get to follow you in the first place will un-follow you (much like unsubscribing from an email list). Or even if they donʼt take the step of un-following you, they will not consider you to be someone of interest to listen to, meaning they are unlikely to heed any advice you give out and less likely still to buy anything from you, or that you recommend.

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