TV Commercial Affiliate Marketing Case Study

After I saw a TV commercial (you definitely have seen this ad all day long, but like most people, you never pay attention to it), I built a campaign to promote an offer sponsored by its competitor by bidding on this advertiser's product name and website domain name, and the campaign is converting at as much as 30% (by simply direct linking, no bridge pages). For 10 minutes of work, I receive commissions month after month. Till this day, for my effort, I have made $630, my ad cost is only $152.09! Even though its not exploding, in one year, it will be a $3000 revenue campaign with 10 minutes of work. Is it possible to build 10 such campaigns? Definitely yes! If you have only 10 such campaigns in your portfolio, it will be $30,000 a year income. Now think bigger, build 20,30 such money makers. You now quickly build a six-figure business – by using this technique alone.



Let me give you the good news, maybe you don't have to wait until you have 10 such campaigns, you will find one campaign exploding through the roof! That campaign alone, can gross over $50,000, even $100,000 to your bank account. This is just the nature of the business. The above TV commercial method is just one simple and easy way to find targeted, high-volume and low-competition traffic. From now on, you have the mindset to pay attention to the possible traffic and its buying intention. Do you now understand what I meant “show you how to see money flowing around” now? (the promise I made before you purchase this course) Can you start seeing money flowing around? There is abundant of cash everywhere, you just need to train your brain to see them.



Congratulations if you can! I have more good news: there are a lot more ways to find such traffic, or put another way, to see money flowing! In my $81,000 case study, I showed you how to use Google Trends ( to find traffic and monetize the traffic with the right offers. Don't limit yourself to Google Trends. Go read newspaper, read magazines, many ads there are shouting at you to make money from them! (pause and think until you really get what I mean!) I feel it will better serve you if I give you more explanations of what I meant. Every ad you see on newspapers, magazines, are going to be your next potential money maker. Most ads have domain names, just bid on their domain names. If the ad is promoting a brand, bid on the brand. You simply build such campaigns to promote your CPA or clickbank offers.


It’s that simple. If you get this, will you open you mind to accept all the possible ways to find more traffic? I believe you will. Now go ahead and find your money.

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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