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Every internet marketer will come to a point where they need to outsource. If you are still doing everything by yourself manually, you are either going to go crazy pretty soon, or you will not be able to keep up with the demand! So what do you do? Spend hours of time looking for someone to work for you and end up paying them for a poor job or an incomplete one?

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Well with Ubot, you can create your own custom bot to do all the tedious work for you! That’s right, internet marketers spend tons of time filling out repetitive forms every day, that could easily be automated by a script. But most marketers have no idea about coding or programming! Sure, we may know some basic HTML and web design skills, but when it comes down to actually creating a bot to sign up with lets say affiliate networks, create new user accounts, create wordpress blogs, etc etc, we are clueless!

“Because of UBot Studio, I’ll never have to buy any SEO, Link Building, Blog Commenting, Scrapers, RSS Submit etc. software ever again. I can Build Bots Super-Fast & I’m getting faster. To give you an idea, I built a Fully Functioning Twitter Bot which auto follows, friend thief, auto non-followers, auto tweeter etc. in just about 45 minutes. And, since UBot Studio can compile the bots as a standalone .exe file, I can share it with my outsourcers and never have to worry about any compatibility problems.”

With Ubot, you can just that and with super ease! Simply download the program and install it, and start filling out an example form that you would like the bot to fill out for you, and it will learn what you want it to as you do it! So, all you need to do is practically fill out an example form that you would like the bot to copy, and you can have the bot fill out this form autoamtically for you, over and over again with any information that you would like! It truly cannot get any simpler than this, not to mention it can be used for various other things such installing wordpress and creating websites for you!

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