What Is PPV Traffic?

Okay let’s get started. I wanted to share with you guys a very special method. That Phil has nicely profited from. He's taught me this method as well and I profited from it too. So I wanted to share with you guys exactly what PPV or (Pay-Per-View) advertising entitles to. All questions you may have, I will try to answer for you in my blog…

What is PPV Traffic?

What Generates PPV Traffic, is a question you might be asking yourself. So what I like to compare PPV traffic to is Pop-Up traffic or what most of your networks would call Pop-Under traffic. Meaning when a user, on Firefox or Internet Explorer or whatever browser they are on are searching through the web, advertisements is going to pop-up under the web browser, so they are either going to see it down at the very bottom of their screen like a little flash.

When they minimize out of their browser your Ad will be there. I'm going to explain to you how this traffic is generated. Pop-Under Traffic when People Install Games or Software The traffic runs from the software that is installed on the computer of the person surfing the web. Example; (http://gamevance.com/) This traffic is generated so the user can install and play online games for specific networks. So when people go on sites like GameVance they have to install something before being able to play. To be able to play games on these networks you have to download a piece of adware or software. PPV (Adware) is Not SPYWARE!


This type of software is known is Ad-ware, not SPYWARE! Adware is something that has to be installed to be able to enjoy something free completely knowing that they may have to view occasional ads as a result. Let me make it very clear that adware is not spyware. Adware is something that the user installs to play the game for free or use the software for free.

Now what this little adware does is that it installs on the person's computer and there's actually a little check mark question box that pops up that says “Do you allow advertisements on your computer? Yes or No?”

Now that person selects Yes, now you and I can now target this person through PPV. That's how there's millions of people are generated for PPV traffic, through sites like gamevance.com Tightly Target your Niche Market PPV gives you the ability to specifically and tightly target your niche market or we should say "Target Audience", even down to the exact website URL that they visit. I’ll tell you more about this in the next post! If you want to learn how to make money online with PPV right away, click on my link here to get sent straight to my previous post about PPV!


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