What PPV Networks To Join?


Let's talk about the PPV networks. I've listed the PPV networks here from 1 to 5, giving you the top one to the fifth one, ranking in order of experience with them, as well as customer support. And in order of profits as well. 😉


1. www.trafficvance.com

The #1 PPV network I like to use is called TrafficVance.com  and the reason I like to use it is because they run mainly off of GameVance, and if you ever been on MySpace or Facebook and other major websites, you always see GameVance’s advertisements. Like Duck hunting, like some poker games, there's all type of stuff that people play on the site and that's what that traffic is those people are created from those sites. So TrafficVance is #1.

2. http://adservices.zango.com

#2 is called Zango and zango is a very popular site as well, if you go to Zango.com you'll see exactly what I'm talking about. If you go to http://adservices.zango.com you'll come right to the ad services. You are just going to apply and get accepted and then you can start setting up your advertisements.

3. http://www.mediatraffic.com

#3 is one that I really like to use, very great, they have very great customer support. Easy to use, very user friendly interface, atmosphere and layout. So a newbie internet marketer can go right in there and set up a campaign. Highly recommend them as well.

4. http://clicksor.com

#4 we have Clicksor.com, Clicksor is another phenomenal network for PPV traffic, it has worked very well for myself, and for other top marketers.

5. http://corporate.adonnetwork.com/public/index_adon.jsp

#5 is AdOnNetwork. AdOnNetwork is a great network, great customer support. I highly recommend setting yourself up with all 5 networks. But for right now I suggest getting started with TrafficVance, because it's been the most effective and profitable for myself.

And there you go. Hopefully you enjoy the list and maybe take action and sign up for a few of them! Next time I’ll talk more about which offers to promote, how to track them, and how to split test in PPV so keep checking for new posts!

You can also check out my earlier post about PPV Traffic if you need to recap some of the benefits of using PPV to advertise online.



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