What Runs Where – Complete Spying Tool – Only $1!

What Runs Where is a must have tool for anyone serious about making money online. It is a competitive intelligence service for online media buying. They help you buy more intelligently and profitably for your existing and future campaigns, discover new traffic sources, and help keep an eye on what your competition is up to. All in one amazing package, and the best part of it all is that they are currently offering a $1 trial! Sign up right now with What Runs Where to start spying the right way!

Spying On Image Ads

As a subscribed member, you are given access to millions of scraped ads that are collected every day through the main media exchanges, such as Google Content Network image ads, 247 Real Media, Tribal Fusion, Rubicon Project, BuySellAds, ValueClick, Blue Lithium, Adbrite, Technorati Media, Burst Media, Advertising.com, Interclick, Zedo and many others. You are able to browse through different ad sizes, by keyword, and by date that the ad appeared. With just this, you are able to see whats working, whats profiting, and how to use that information to your advantage!

Spying On Text Ads

But thats not all! Besides searching by image ads, you are also able to search text ads. Some of the supported text ad networks are Google Adwords, MSN Content Network, Pulse360, Adside, AOL Adsonar and many more. With so much traffic with these placements, you are bound to come across a similar campaign or product that you are promoting. With this kind of valuable information up your sleeve, your competition will not know what hit them!

Just a few of the features you’ll enjoy
  • Look Up Banner Advertisements By Keyword
  • Look UP Text Advertisements By Keyword
  • Indepth Insight on ANY ad
  • Exportable Data
  • View Landing Page URLs
  • Find Out Other Domains An Advertiser Owns
  • Placement Profiles
  • See Top Advertisers
  • See Top Banners and Text Ads
  • Full Profiles for Advertisers
  • Full Profiles for Advertising Placements
  • Text, Image/Hybrid, Banner and Flash Banners Included
  • Data from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom
  • Ad Server Data
  • Traffic Source Identification
  • Advertising Placement Intelligence
So what are you waiting for? If you aren’t fully convinced, why not just give it a try for just one dollar? What do you have to lose? Try What Runs Where today and see how your competitors are making the money that you aren’t!

Get Started With Your $1 Trial Right Now!

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