Why Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Most Important Marketing Method

Selling products online, especially digital products, can be a very rewarding and profitable enterprise.  There is a saying, When you Work for Dollars You are Always limited by the amount of time you have.  You are trading dollars for hours.  A much better way is to trade products for dollars – then you expend you time and energy once –  and then just keep selling the same product over and over.  You work once and then you can be rewarded for years.


Everyone is an expert about something — everyone has knowledge that would help someone else who is in exactly the same situation.  This is why information products are so popular and since once you have produced the product – there is little cost in selling copies of digital products – your profits are higher.


Now just because you are an expert about this one thing and you have written a fabulous ebook or digital product – it does not mean you know squat about how to then market it online.  This is precsiely where so many inspiring entrepanuesrs fail because they do not understand how to market online – and in many cases they try to be a one man army doing all of the promotion themselves.


This is precisely the point where you need to develop and create an affiliate system – where instead of promoting all by yourself – you can have hundreds of not thousands of individuals promoting for you.  These individuals – affiliates – will gladly promote your product for you in exchange for a percentage of the sale – commissions.  Typically most digital info products pay 50% commissions –  so you sell your info product for $39 – then you split that 50/50 with the affiliate.  They are happy because they just made money on a product they don't have to service or deliver, and you are happy becuase you just made a sale you never would have made without the work of the affiliate.  It is truly a win-win business arrangement.


By far the simplest way to setup an affiliate system is to use a service called ClickBank – they have over 100,000 affiliates hungry to promote popular products.  Since they only work with digital products it is a perfect match for digital info products.   One of the best parts also of selling digital information products is that you can completely automate product delivery – no running to the post office to send product – your product is delivered 24/7 automatically – all you need to do is cash the checks.


If you want your affiliates to go gung-ho promoting your product you will need to provide them with..

1-A product that is in demand.

2-A salepage that effectively communicates how your info product will benefit the user and converts the visitors into buyers.

3-Affiliate marketing and promotion tools – make it as easy and simple as possible for the affiliate to promote your product.

Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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