Wiredtree Horror Story – Switched Hosts Due To This!

I usually don’t write posts like this, but I had a pretty bad experience with Wiredtree and it really pissed me off so here I go with my rant! (Don’t worry, no affiliate links for Wiredtree in this one!) I was looking for a VPS, separate from the one I use for my blog, so I can host my tracker on for my affiliate campaigns. After reading a few reviews here and there, getting a few recommendations etc, I decided to go with Wiredtree and their VPS package.

Hmm, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, nice specs, sure why not! Much better than shared hosting especially when your hosting all of your affiliate campaigns and your main source of income is from them! J Anyways, so I spend a few days setting up campaigns and migrating from my smaller vps to this bigger and faster one with Litespeed, when one day I try to login to my tracker and guess what!? The site was down.

Affiliate’s Worst Nightmare

At this point, you know your pretty much shit out of luck since who knows how long it has been since it was actually working, and Wiredtree didn’t send one email or any sort of notification that my site was down! After checking my internet connection and using a different browser, it was definitely down for the count. Well there go my conversions! I immediately had to go into all my campaigns on multiple ppc engines and pause them. After I had done that, I researched a bit around a few forums to try and figure out what the deal was, since Wiredtree.com was down as well, including their support site. I really thought them to be a legitimate site and hold up to their hmmm 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, but guess they can’t even guarantee their own domain to be up!

After researching the issues and checking on their Twitter stream, ah thankfully Twitter isn’t down too;) I found out that they were under some sort of attack. Well that’s great an all, but who knows how much lost revenue I had incurred and how much money was wasted on traffic. I estimated at least in the 5 figure mark so I definitely was not happy at all.

Lesson Learned: Wiredtree Sucks!

So whats the moral of the story? Don’t go with Wiredtree with your tracking site as they seem to have a reputation of being down as a quick and dirty Google search showed…. Also don’t believe in guarantees, especially not from them as they are simply not true. I ended up filing a dispute with my credit card to get my money back since they offer no refunds, and purchased another VPS with ServInt, and so far so good with them!

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