Writing An Effective Sales Letter and Presell

So, start your product with a headline that implies that there may be possible failings in the product – and they have to read on to find out exactly what these fatal failings are. If you think that attacking the product head-on, or even in an implied way, is a little too hardcore for you, then fine: just attack the genre.


Now, the first thing to remember about your pre-sell is that its largely about your experiences, with a product that you purchased

– So get conceited and write a story about how you ended up buying the product. People enjoy stories and very often the logical part of the brain disconnects when you launch into a story, making them susceptible to all kinds of sales techniques

– It’s “advantage, us” from the get-go. Nonetheless, let’s try and make it interesting – throw a few twists and turns in there, don’t just say “I got the product, and …err used it”. To make it as simple as possible, you should answer these questions in order: Who are you (as relates to the product, try and make yourself sound an authority

How long you have been marketing for, mention any successes you have had, your areas of expertise, just build some authority so they take what you say seriously.)

 What convinced you to buy? What held you back (make a note of anything that stopped you from buying and try and convince them of why you decided that wasn’t a reason in the end… but don’t launch into a hard sell just yet)

What happened when you bought? First impressions – what was it like

(NOTE: at this point you should slowly start to sing the product’s praises: before this point you should have been mildly negative about it, you were a cynic but the product is now to starting to work its magic on you – but again, don’t go hardcore, you were turned slowly)

 Results – if you have good results, then say so! Explain in detail how the results came, and which features of the product you used (without giving too much away). Gradually become more and more excited about the product – and explain in detail why it is so great.

Raise a seed of doubt – yes, the product is great; yes, you made a million from it, bedded Jessica Alba, whatever… but there was something missing, something that wasn’t quite there (hint at this a paragraph or two back to ensure they are still reading by the time they get to your bonus)

 Introduce your bonus and spend a paragraph hard-selling your bonus for anyone who buys via your link – your bonus solves whatever failing you introduced in the product a step back. Important!

Use a call to action and provide your cloaked link (see section 3 for cloaking your affiliate links) – explain that they need to buy via your link to get this bonus. Hard sell the bonus and explain that they really need the product and the bonus for 2 or 3 reasons / benefits.


How does it stack up? Break the above sections down with a sub-headline and provide some images (of the product, of your ClickBank screen shot, etc). Spend a bit of time on presentation. You can save and edit my own layout if you like – just be a bit creative and don’t copy it wholesale.

 Not because I will turn my lawyers on you, but because it won’t work. You may also want to spend some time looking through the most popular products on ClickBank –and see how they are marketing their site. Spend some time reading the sales letters, and taking notes. These guys are “hardselling” their products, whereas you want to “soft sell” the product you are promoting and “hard sell” your bonus.


Note the distinction. Even with this difference, there is still a lot you can learn from them. These guys are at the top of the pile for a good reason – they know how to write copy (or the guy they hired does). As I say, it’s important that you stick to the above guidelines and read through plenty of pre-sells for this technique to be successful.


Dino Vedo

My passion has been online advertising and building companies. As a successful entrepreneur, I have built a large number of multi-million dollar brands and I'm always looking for other opportunities to grow, network, and make a difference in the world.

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