5 High Quality Do Follow Backlink Directories and Blogs

Welcome to the first (of many) do-follow backlink packs. Every month I’ll be supplying you with a pack of high quality do-follow backlinks, along with tips on applying them successfully to your Product Launch Domination (and other!) sites.

This month…

This month I’ve collected 5 high quality do-follow sites (including .gov & .edu!) which will pass plenty of delicious link juice on to your sites. Applying just a couple of these links to your site will ensure you are feeding your site all it needs to climb rankings.

The links:

1. WebIcy


WebIcy is a forum which provides a nice do-follow backlink via your signature. After signing up and logging in, you’ll be taken to your ‘dashboard’ where you can add one; head over to the “edit signature” section and type in your desired anchor text (your main keyword or a variation), highlight it, and then select the little icon of the web globe with the chain/link and enter your URL. Click ok, and save. You’re done!

2. GeekPoint


GeekPoint uses the same forum software as WebIcy, so the instructions for applying your backlink are identical. However, this forum has some quality control; you’ll need to make 10 posts in the forum before you can add a signature. This will only take you 10-15 minutes, and for a high quality backlink, it’s nothing! Plus, this quality control means the link is worth more than most forums. Go for it!

3. Biblio


Biblio has a great forum in which you can drop Do-Follow links – it’s fairly unknown, though it does get the occasional spammer dropping way too many links. A great thing about Biblio is that you don’t need to register; head to the introductions section, go in to a thread and click Post Reply. You’ll be taken to the screen shown above. Leave your Username blank, type in the Captcha code and write a small post as shown above, with a backlink a couple of lines down. To apply the backlink, highlight your anchor text and hit the “URL” button. Follow the format shown in the screenshot above and click submit… Done! Do this with two different forum threads.

4. Scratch (PR7 EDU!)


Here is a real high quality one for you guys; not only is this a .EDU site (believed to be perceived as higher quality by the search engines), the site is a massive PageRank 7, which passes on a PageRank of 4 to the forum pages. This is some VERY good juice! Make sure you *do not* spam this site. To apply a backlink, register and go to make a post. After you write a short message as shown above, put some dashes and then below enter a hyperlink with your anchor text as shown in the screenshot above. Easy stuff!

5. MBDA (PR5 GOV!)


Here’s another authority do-follow backlink, this time in the form of a .GOV – also known to be seen as superior by the search engines. Register for the forums and head over to your profile section; scroll down to signature as shown above, and create a signature link with your desired anchor text using the format shown above – you should be used to this by now! Once done, hit save and head over to the forums… Find a thread to post in, and well, make a post! Ensure you tick the ‘include my signature’ box so your link gets posted too. Make a couple of posts, and you’re done! Do not overdo this one either, as you may get your account banned.

Hopefully you will apply at least a few of these links to one of your sites; you should see an immediate benefit from doing so as soon as the links get indexed! 🙂 If your looking for more backlinking services, or even a fully automated tool to use, go check out the Deep Linker Pro product created exclusively to generate thousands of backlinks automatically to any site.

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