How To Boost Banner Advertising for Your Campaigns

Making use of pay per click banner advertising is a preferred choice among webmasters nowadays as it can boost your site’s traffic without having to do a great deal of work. You can make a banner of your own if you have the necessary software; a banner don’t need animation or flash but can be a simple plain picture for your to make money online.

Furthermore, once a banner is designed and situated within a certain genre it normally appears on its own without you having to do anything extra. Most companies that permits pay per click banner advertising will have your banner exchanged with others in their company; you just need to keep a banner running in your site to make in run on another as well…


Adcenter Slapped My Account Due To Low QBR!

So it finally seems that Adcenter is turning into the new Adwords! Whether we like it or not, this year most affiliate based campaigns will need to be redesigned and adjusted to meet Adcenter’s new QBR (Quality Based Ranking) system. They are not only slapping campaigns, but whole accounts as well and that is exactly what happened to me. 🙁

Looks like I will have to spend a few days on redesigning all my campaigns, landing pages, and making them a bit more relevant and I advise anyone who is running on Adcenter to do the same right now before they slap your account too.

Adcenter QBR

Now the funny thing is, Adcenter gives you no way in knowing your QBR unlike Adwords who tell you right in the campaign your Quality score and gives you ways to improve it. Adcenter just slaps your account I guess if they deem you are using to many keywords, irrelevant landing page, or your ads don’t match up.


Creating A SEO Affiliate Campaign

In the SEO only strategy, you will be skipping a lot of the steps.. but there are reasons for this. Just like everything else, there are some consequences to skipping steps, you will lose some of the knowledge you would get otherwise, but the bonus is that it’s completely FREE. You don’t have to spend a penny to get this up and running.

So if you don’t want to risk any money setting up your first campaign, and you want to ease into affiliate marketing this game plan might be perfect for you. In the SEO campaign we are going to guess a little bit more when it comes to data. It’s going to look like this:


What PPV Networks To Join?


The #1 PPV network I like to use is called and the reason I like to use it is because they run mainly off of GameVance, and if you ever been on MySpace or Facebook and other major websites, you always see GameVance’s advertisements. Like Duck hunting, like some poker games, there’s all type of stuff that people play on the site and that’s what that traffic is those people are created from those sites. So TrafficVance is #1.


#2 is called Zango and zango is a very popular site as well, if you go to you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. If you go to you’ll come right to the ad services. You are just going to apply and get accepted and then you can start setting up your advertisements.

Make Money Online

The Basics Of Twitter Online Marketing


Firstly, if you havenʼt got a Twitter account, signup for free at

Make sure you follow me by clicking

Following me and specific things like the number of posts I’m making, the nature of the content, the ratio of affiliate links (trying to sell something), as opposed to giving great content (videos, articles) and sometimes directing people to other peoples websites, will help you dramatically when figuring out what is best for your market.


Benefits To Making Money With CPV Traffic

PPV gives you the ability to target with Keywords and URLS… Pretty Amazing! What I really like about PPV here is that it really allows you to target your niche. Target that audience that’s ready to buy that’s really looking for the information and your product. Learn the basics of PPV first by visiting my earlier post about how to make money online with PPV Traffic.

There’s several ways to target your PPV and we’re going to show you exactly how that’s done.

1. Through keywords, just like PPC

2. Through Targeted URLs

What I mean through URLs is that we actually have a piece of software you can purchase and this piece of software will actually go through the search engine based on the keywords you selected and scrape up the first 1-5 pages of Google results.


What Is PPV Traffic?

What Generates PPV Traffic, is a question you might be asking yourself. So what I like to compare PPV traffic to is Pop-Up traffic or what most of your networks would call Pop-Under traffic. Meaning when a user, on Firefox or Internet Explorer or whatever browser they are on are searching through the web, advertisements is going to pop-up under the web browser, so they are either going to see it down at the very bottom of their screen like a little flash.


Tips For Success In PPC Advertising

Advertisers are competing and bidding for the same online ad space. A bid is the maximum price you are willing to pay per click or view. Usually, ads with a higher bid are shown before ads with lower bids.

For cost-per-click and pay-per-click, ads with a competitive bid and a high click rate will be shown more. (Of course, there is no need to worry about click-through rate when running a pay-per-view or cost-per-impressions campaign.) Once your ad is up and running, you should check back regularly to increase or decrease your bid to get the most views or clicks for your budget. Easy-to-read reports show how your ads are performing, making it easy to adjust your budget as necessary.


TV Commercial Affiliate Marketing Case Study

I built a campaign to promote an offer sponsored by its competitor by bidding on this advertiser’s product name and website domain name, and the campaign is converting at as much as 30% (by simply direct linking, no bridge pages). For 10 minutes of work, I receive commissions month after month. Till this day, for my effort, I have made $630, my ad cost is only $152.09! Even though its not exploding, in one year, it will be a $3000 revenue campaign with 10 minutes of work. Is it possible to build 10 such campaigns? Definitely yes! If you have only 10 such campaigns in your portfolio, it will be $30,000 a year income. Now think bigger, build 20,30 such money makers. You now quickly build a six-figure business – by using this technique alone.


FREE $60 MyAds Myspace Coupon for Advertising

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