Stock Trading

My Secret To Penny Stock Trading

While there are numerous factors involved with choosing the right micro cap stock to invest in, the ones that make the biggest gains in the market (200% +) absolutely must have 1 essential factor working on its behalf.   That factor is: VOLUME.   Volume is the number of shares of any given stock that are traded during any trading day. This includes buying and selling. Volume is how you determine the amount of investor interest in a particular stock. It also helps you identify the amount of general “awareness” of the stock, which is crucial if you want to see the share price increase significantly.

Here’s how it works:

High volume + Rising Share Price = Buying Pressure….

Stock Trading

3 Techniques For Effective Penny Stock Trading

I have lots of members constantly asking for trading tips, and am excited to share 3 techniques that I have found extremely useful in penny stock trading. Whether you are a seasoned pro or newbie you should surely benefit from the lessons below. I have tried to make this tutorial as simple as possible, so that everyone can really grasp these 3 trading concepts. At the end of the day your goal should be to become a better trader so that you can maximize profits! All 3 strategies are based around the activity created by volume spikes and dips. In the penny stock world Momentum is King, and most momentum is built around huge swings in volume. By closely analyzing volume trends you should begin to spot price trends. You should be able to identify price breakouts and price breakdowns, and most importantly have a better idea of when to jump in a stock and when to jump out.