Converting Traffic Into Sales Using A.I.D.A

Strike a deal with the visitor and make them buy it. The affiliate’s need for control over the interface is becoming more important, that is why more affiliate programs have customizable link generators that make it possible for you to model the interface to adhere to the advertising campaign you have created. If you have found a great niche, your advertising will need to conform to the affiliate program.

With little control, the most important aspect of the process is preparing the web surfer for what is to come. You need to make a decision where your promoted product’s strengths lie. Exploit the strongest features, and something you can do with the weak points of the product is defend them, somehow convince the visitor that they do not need them. This is what car salesmen do all the time. “Why do you need that?” “You’ll never use it.” and: “What this site has is much more important.” But it is wise to only mention the strong, positive aspects of the site unless you are countering a bad-review or there is some other need for defense. Is there a search feature that will create desire for the customers?

Try telling them about the search feature or whatever the special feature on the page is, BEFORE they get to the page. Something that creates absolute conversions is creating direction for the surfer, prospect or visitor. Connect the dots. You might decide you want to use another means of traffic generation. You may want to use viral videos. You may find that you want to use your already stellar reputation on message boards to help promote products. Whatever method you use for traffic, you need to either.


Creating A Sales Page With Newsletter Themes

The next step is to create your sales page. Because you are giving away a free product, you want to be sure that you keep it salesy and really reinforce the fact that they are getting this valuable product for free. People love to see the word free, so you really want to play this up. If you are not a natural born salesperson, then you may want to hire a writer to do this for you as well. When a visitor comes to your page, you want it to capture them and then tell them about all of the benefits they will receive for joining your list. If there is nothing in it for them, then they are not going to want to sign up.


DinoVedo dot com September 2010 Sales Report

Last month was extremely busy with me! Got to love college live, enjoy the parties, blogging, and making money online! It sure can get quite hectic when your trying to do all of those things every single day! I really wasn’t able to do anything special this month, but just let my organic SEO traffic run its own course and scrape by this month. I did however, manage to create a few more niche SEO sites along with Amazon product related sites.

As for PPC/PPV, haven’t had any time to promote any offers on those verticals. Will leave that for times I don’t have to deal with the hectic college life!


DinoVedo dot com August 2010 Sales Report

For the month of August I was working heavily on expanding my network of blogs and niche affiliate sites. For these sites I promote various affiliate products, mainly through the eBay Partner network and the Amazon Associates program. Not only does one need to create these sites, but its crucial to be ranking number one for the keywords I’m targeting, so I was working on backlinking and getting those number one spots on Google.
I’m still working on my White Hat University website and that is still a bit delayed as I have college starting up again and will need to prioritize my most needed things first. Until next month!


Writing An Effective Sales Letter and Presell

Now, the first thing to remember about your pre-sell is that its largely about your experiences, with a product that you purchased

– So get conceited and write a story about how you ended up buying the product. People enjoy stories and very often the logical part of the brain disconnects when you launch into a story, making them susceptible to all kinds of sales techniques


DinoVedo dot com July 2010 Sales Report

Last month I was busy working on a huge new site along with a forum to go along with it. It’s called and will teach people and marketers the benefits of using whitehat tactics and actually some proper SEO for their business. I know all the hype is for blackhat tactics since they are much faster and you can see a bigger result a bit quicker, but we cannot forget the basics and that is what the aim of the site is to teach. Most marketers don’t know a thing about proper SEO basics and how to properly whitehat promote a site to the top. Also remember that once you get a site to the top using whitehat methods, it says up there and doesn’t budge unlike the blackhat methods that are taught now a days to noobs!


DinoVedo dot com June 2010 Sales Report

Last month I focused on creating a few niche specific websites and created my own product as well which I have just launched and seen huge success with. I purchased the domain a few months back, and finally finished the site and product for it so make sure to check it out guys!

Sales Stats:

Ad Sales, Services, and Private Programs: $14,445

Affiliate Sales: $6,511

Google Adsense: $237

What Are Your Profits This Month?