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In the video, Shoe helps you out on setting up a My Ads account for the very first time. To help you get used to MyAds for yourself, Fox has made $60 coupons for anyone who watches the exclusive Shoemoney video. You can use this $60 to advertise anything you want. How cool would it be to see your advertisement for your website or blog on the Wall Street Journal?


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I know its a freaky reality check in that video from me but you need to watch it today. Even better, watch it RIGHT NOW. See, success can sometimes cost PLENTY more than just hard work. When you’re getting the attention of MASSIVE amounts of prospects, you’re also getting the attention of CROOKS. Not to mention freaks and weirdos, but let’s just START with the crooks. There are crooks that will see you as the COMPETITION – and try to take what’s yours by throwing legal trouble your way. Even INNOCENT businesses can crumple under a costly legal battle. There are some crooks who will ENVY your success – They think the best way to get a taste is to just STEAL YOUR STUFF and use it for their own profit. AKA “scumbags” – I HATE ’em!


Dealing With Adversity In The Marketing World

If there is 1 big secret that all the gurus know, that most online marketers don’t it’s they know how to deal with adversity.

Newbies usually give up or throw in the towel at the first sign of adversity, while the “gurus” push through and end up making a bunch of money…

My buddy Shoemoney, just put out a video that shows how his old website that was making $100 a day was almost shut down by the government!

But he didn’t let that stop him…

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Weapons Of Marketing Review – Shoemoney

If you want to make more money online, then you really need to get better at selling. Many have succeeded but even more have failed in doing so. Well, if your somebody in in the make money online world, than I’m sure you’ve heard of Shoemoney who has sold over $10,000,000 (yes that’s 10 million!) worth of products and affiliate offers online! Today he just put out a free video detailing some of his best and “sneakiest” sales tricks that have helped him to make over $10,000,000 and continues making him money. So definitely check it out and let me know what you guys think!