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Adwords Account Suspended Due To My Blog?

My Adwords account got suspended today because of my blog. Yep you heard that right. Apparently its a “get rich quick” site. I’m flattered Google, thank you so much! 🙂 Anyways, they didn’t suspend all of my Adwords accounts, and as many of you probably are aware, you are more than able to make another Adwords account with your same information, for some reason, they just feel like suspending your older accounts for no good reason like this one.

Thank You Adwords!

Anyhow, read the email that I got from them about my blog, and honestly I have like privacy policy pages and don’t really try to sell that much affiliate stuff on it 😉

Ridiculous I know, but oh well its not like they are stopping me from creating or using my other Adwords account I just found it quite amusing that my blog was labeled as get rich quick! ( So you know what that means right? If Google thinks people can get rich quick with my blog, you better subscribe and start reading it! 😉

eBay Final Value Fee Fraud and Scam

eBay was the place to be a couple years ago! People were becoming super rich reselling products and making insane amounts of money. I don’t know what it was back then, but people simply were willing to pay lot more money on eBay than in stores! I remember back in the good days that I could go to a store, buy a t shirt, some name brand ofcourse, and relist it on eBay and make a few bucks!

Back when I was first starting with making money online, that is exactly what I did! But this post isn’t about the past and for good reason too, since eBay has become the place NOT to go for selling stuff online these days. They have been treating sellers horrible, and with the route their heading in, only time will tell how many more sellers and powersellers they will be losing.

Wiredtree Horror Story – Switched Hosts Due To This!

I usually don’t write posts like this, but I had a pretty bad experience with Wiredtree and it really pissed me off so here I go with my rant! (Don’t worry, no affiliate links for Wiredtree in this one!) I was looking for a VPS, separate from the one I use for my blog, so I can host my tracker on for my affiliate campaigns. After reading a few reviews here and there, getting a few recommendations etc, I decided to go with Wiredtree and their VPS package.

Hmm, 99.9 percent uptime guarantee, nice specs, sure why not! Much better than shared hosting especially when your hosting all of your affiliate campaigns and your main source of income is from them! J Anyways, so I spend a few days setting up campaigns and migrating from my smaller vps to this bigger and faster one with Litespeed, when one day I try to login to my tracker and guess what!? The site was down.

Google Stealth Review – eBook Scam Or Not?

Have you ever gotten your Google Adsense/Adwords account blocked? You tried creating a new account but Google detected it and had it blocked it again, unfortunately. Google has a sophisticated account detection system that monitors your IP address, cookies and flash objects. Hav no fear, this article will tell you about the Google Stealth eBook, a perfectly brilliant and legal way for you to create a new Google Adwords/Adsense account.

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