Creating A Free Report For Newsletters

You’re going to need a digital product of some form. It can be an eBook, which is the best by far, or it can be another type of free report. Either way, they need to be full of real, useful information. You don’t want to just send something to your people that is really vague and not helpful. It’s all about providing them with a good, free gift that is helpful to them. This will keep them coming back for more. You will also be using this as something to get people to sign up on your list for, so it needs to be good. If they like it, they will send it to their friends and family and they are likely to sign up as well. The more people you are getting to sign up, the more money you will be able to make.

Now, a free report can either be sent as a Word document or a PDF document. These are two file types that most people are easily able to open. If you are giving away some sort of software trial, then it will be a program in an .exe format. Because we are talking about free reports, we will cover how to create those.

Affiliate Networks

Why Affiliate Marketing Can Be Your Most Important Marketing Method

Selling products online, especially digital products, can be a very rewarding and profitable enterprise. There is a saying, When you Work for Dollars You are Always limited by the amount of time you have. You are trading dollars for hours. A much better way is to trade products for dollars – then you expend you time and energy once – and then just keep selling the same product over and over. You work once and then you can be rewarded for years.


Intensive Give Aways Marketing Method

First, let me explain what an ‘Intensive Give-Away’ is so that you can better grasp the impact of it to your online earning potential. An Intensive Give-Away is an online activity in which hundreds of people get together to build their mailing lists through offering free items whether that be products or services. Most times, these are digital products or services to make things go more smoothly for all participants such as ebooks, softwares, scripts, web hosting accounts, ecourses, and similar. The most exciting thing about Intensive Give-Aways is that unless you are personally running the whole show, it won’t cost you one thin dime to participate.

Make Money Online

The Basics Of Twitter Online Marketing


Firstly, if you havenʼt got a Twitter account, signup for free at

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Following me and specific things like the number of posts I’m making, the nature of the content, the ratio of affiliate links (trying to sell something), as opposed to giving great content (videos, articles) and sometimes directing people to other peoples websites, will help you dramatically when figuring out what is best for your market.

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Google Lies About Your Competition Sometimes!

I got 26,700 results returned. Huh? 20,500 pages in a search and 6,000 MORE pages optimized in the title? e.g. More pages returned with titles optimized but the keyword phrase not in the text on the page. It got me thinking that something was up. By the way the 26,700 (and other numbers) Google returns may vary for you. Ok, lets take it a bit further… I kept clicking Next to get the next page of the results and lo and behold look what happened when I got to page 15…


TV Commercial Affiliate Marketing Case Study

I built a campaign to promote an offer sponsored by its competitor by bidding on this advertiser’s product name and website domain name, and the campaign is converting at as much as 30% (by simply direct linking, no bridge pages). For 10 minutes of work, I receive commissions month after month. Till this day, for my effort, I have made $630, my ad cost is only $152.09! Even though its not exploding, in one year, it will be a $3000 revenue campaign with 10 minutes of work. Is it possible to build 10 such campaigns? Definitely yes! If you have only 10 such campaigns in your portfolio, it will be $30,000 a year income. Now think bigger, build 20,30 such money makers. You now quickly build a six-figure business – by using this technique alone.


Video Marketing Guide and Its Effectiveness

A good video marketing guide will be able to discuss all of these points in detail and some of those details will help you make the right decision. There is no limit to the type of video you can have created for your website. Some look as if they could rival a Hollywood movie! But usually your message can be said effectively in a very simple manner. Any video marketing guide that tells you that you should spend thousands and thousands of dollars on such a production is somewhat shortsighted, and you need to consider your own budget carefully.


Dealing With Adversity In The Marketing World

If there is 1 big secret that all the gurus know, that most online marketers don’t it’s they know how to deal with adversity.

Newbies usually give up or throw in the towel at the first sign of adversity, while the “gurus” push through and end up making a bunch of money…

My buddy Shoemoney, just put out a video that shows how his old website that was making $100 a day was almost shut down by the government!

But he didn’t let that stop him…


How To Create The Perfect Email List

1. Choose a Profitable Niche – First up, we have niche selection. You’ll need to use whatever tools you have. My favorites are Amazon and Clickbank. On Amazon, look for any products with a large number of user reviews. These represent niches that have lots of active buyers. On Clickbank, look for high gravity to represent a marketable product with numerous affiliates already making successful sales.

2. Create a Free Report of High Quality – Your readers want value and your squeeze page needs to offer something they’ll jump on. A free report that solves a problem, makes their life better or simply covers a topic they’ve been seeking information about will draw email addresses out of them like soda through a straw.


Money Magnet Formula Revealed

Once your money magnet is up and running, the cash will start to flow regularly with new prospects generating new sales. This then allows you to generate new money magnets. When done right, theresults are practically endless with your chances to make a massive chunk of profit growing after every new site. As you’ll see from my gloriously crafted flow chart above, this isn’t a dead-end process.

You don’t contact a buyer, make a sale and then be done with it. Once you get someone in your sales funnel, they become more valuable than any one sale…

Make Money Online

Weapons Of Marketing Review – Shoemoney

If you want to make more money online, then you really need to get better at selling. Many have succeeded but even more have failed in doing so. Well, if your somebody in in the make money online world, than I’m sure you’ve heard of Shoemoney who has sold over $10,000,000 (yes that’s 10 million!) worth of products and affiliate offers online! Today he just put out a free video detailing some of his best and “sneakiest” sales tricks that have helped him to make over $10,000,000 and continues making him money. So definitely check it out and let me know what you guys think!


How To Stay Organized as an Internet Marketer

You won’t believe how being organized can save you a huge amount of time. It’s one of the most essential skills you should learn, practice and stick to, so that you’re effectively managing your online home business. Do you know exactly where you stored your ebooks? Are all your scheduled payments for the membership sites listed out and do you know when the next payment is?

Do you know exactly where the important websites or articles you have read are kept? Do you know what affiliate programs you have joined and what your affiliate links are and the passwords for them? Being organized and getting to know where to find the information is important. By knowing that you are organized, it puts your mind at rest. It allows you to focus on what’s important. A good way to get organized is to simply create a spreadsheet to store your information. If you’re writing an article or blogging on a particular topic, you may remember that there was a certain affiliate product you had which would go well with it. Use your spreadsheet to find what affiliate programs you have joined and what the affiliate links are…