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A4D Meetup – San Diego, California Was A Success!

Ended up going to the A4D meet up in San Diego, CA and it was a success! Met up with a lot of good friends and made a ton of new ones. Definitely was great spending some time relaxing and enjoying the weather on the balcony of the Hard Rock Hotel. After a few days of hitting the beach and going out to the clubs with some fellow affiliates, Rohail Rizvi and Gabriel Cano, the A4D meet up started and we got down to business.

Best Meet Up Of The Year!
Lots of experienced affiliates came this year, and considering this was the first year I went, I definitely recommend it and will be attending the ones in the future no doubt! The whole group of us affiliates ended up going to Basic to get some pizza, where we met up with HeavyT and Ian Fernando, and grabbed some food before heading out to the club to party it out!

Never Stop Marketing Your Website

Marketing your website is essential to driving traffic to your website. You may have just started marketing your website and have gained a lot of visitors to your website. So you maybe tempted to relax and not bother working for a few weeks and leaving it as it is.

However you should never do this as website marketing is a continual process so if you don’t continue to market your website then slowly your traffic will disappear and you will lose money and you will have to start again at driving more traffic to your website

So you don’t want to stop marketing your website but you do want some time off so can go on holiday occasionally or spend more time on your next product you want to sell to your customers or the service you want to provide to your clients.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is simply a method of promoting other web businesses in which you receive money for every visitor, subscriber, customer or sale you provide to them. In other words, you drive traffic to another web business… The traffic generates sales… And you get a percentage of the sales. Easy! This is the Perfect Work-From-Home Business!

The great news for you is that there are MANY affiliate marketplaces out there you can take advantage of. Take a moment now to look through a few of the affiliate marketplaces I strongly recommend. Get familiar with them and how they work. They will be your ticket to big profits in the very near future! Here they are:


One of the original affiliate marketplaces, founded in 1998.


Another of the original affiliate marketplaces, ClickBank focuses on digitally delivered products. (e-books, etc.)


Boasts the largest network of affiliate programs on the net… With over 10 million partnerships!

Top Affiliate Keyword Search Tools – Full List With Links and Reviews

This section is really the key to winning in the CPA marketing game. Keywords are the foundation to the Internet. Behind every search is a person looking for something in particular. Almost every action on the Internet begins with someone typing a keyword or key phrase into a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo.

Practically every web page that is indexed by the major search engines is ranked based on their keyword density within the content of the web page and the keywords used to link (anchor text) to the web pages by other web sites. If you want to succeed in CPA marketing, you need to develop really good keyword research skills and keyword building strategies. I will share with you the tips and tricks that I have learned over the last few years that have helped me maximize the exposure of my offers using natural search traffic, videos, social media, pay per click search engines, banner ads, etc. and bring as much qualified traffic as possible to the CPA offers I promote.

AffiliatePaying.com Review – Affiliate Networks EXPOSED!

Most affiliates settle with the most popular and most prestigious affiliate networks. Guess why? Well it works and your almost guaranteed to get paid on time and don’t really have to worry about getting scrubbed as they have very good policies in place. But is it the BEST CHOICE? I don’t think so! I’ve been able to get extremely higher payouts on some more private affiliate networks where they only accept pre qualified affiliates and do a lot more screening to get accepted. Sure, it’s a bit more work but well worth it!

Affiliate Networks Exposed!

Now how do I find a network that fits the bill? AffiliatePaying.com was created for that reason! Any affiliate network imaginable should be listed there, and probably is! It’s the best resource for finding about new networks, established networks, which pay and which don’t! Not to mention there are thousands of users and affiliates contributing to the reviews, so get ready for some revealing information if the network is up to no good!

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