What Is PPV Traffic?

What Generates PPV Traffic, is a question you might be asking yourself. So what I like to compare PPV traffic to is Pop-Up traffic or what most of your networks would call Pop-Under traffic. Meaning when a user, on Firefox or Internet Explorer or whatever browser they are on are searching through the web, advertisements is going to pop-up under the web browser, so they are either going to see it down at the very bottom of their screen like a little flash.


50 List Of CPA Networks To Consider Joining

Here is the list of 50 CPA networks that I have found over my years in affiliate marketing and I thought I’d give my readers a treat and see if any of you could benefit from them! I’m sure there are some that you have never heard of in there, so definitely check it out. Remember, each one of these networks probably have exclusive offers.

Exclusive means that they are the only network that run that offer, so the potential of you making money with them is higher since not a lot of people know about them! Anyways here is the list, and thanks for being a valued reader of my blog!


Residual Affiliate Programs Make Good Money!

In my experience, many affiliates take an extremely narrow view of their business, and focus all their efforts on selling a very limited number of products into an equally limited number of markets. For example, the vast majority of people who decide to sell digital products as affiliates will only utilize the services of sites like Clickbank and PayDotCom, without looking any further for other opportunities. This is not only narrow-minded, but it also inevitably limits the earning power of such affiliates, whilst ensuring that they are always working at 110% of capacity…